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  1. 25 February 2019
    Instaframe image


    For Christmas 2018, I made my mum an AI-powered photo frame that would filter my Instagram feed to show her only photos of her Grandkids.

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  2. 24 January 2019
    Bottomless Hard Drive image

    Bottomless Hard Drive

    Is it possible to create an infinite capacity hard drive with object storage? Let's find out!

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  3. 17 January 2019
    AI-powered Word Counter image

    AI-powered Word Counter

    I speak a little fast, so I made something to help me slow down - an AI-driven word counter that changes color when I speak too quickly.

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  4. 13 June 2018
    W3ID SSO Middleware image

    W3ID SSO Middleware

    It bothered me that it could take days to secure an application with IBM's SSO systems. So I made some middleware to shorten it to minutes.

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  5. 10 April 2018
    Node-RED Web Components image

    Node-RED Web Components

    I made some web components to make integrating web APIs with Node-RED even easier!

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  6. 19 January 2018
    Node-RED Bitio Wrapper image

    Node-RED Bitio Wrapper

    I needed to use a Micro:bit with Node-red, so I wrote a node-red wrapper for David Whale's Bitio library

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  7. 08 December 2017
    Image Mitosis image

    Image Mitosis

    I created a serverless function that would divide images in half again, and again, and again, and...

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  8. 15 November 2017
    Extract Keyframes image

    Extract Keyframes

    A Node.js module to extract only the keyframes from a video file

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  9. 06 November 2017
    Web Summit 2017 image

    Web Summit 2017

    I went to Lisbon, Portugal to man the IBM booth at Web Summit 2017. I got to talk about all the IoT goodies IBM has for developers to play with

  10. 04 November 2017
    Wired NextGen image

    Wired NextGen

    I was invited to demonstrate some of the instruments I had invented for BuzzJam