Sean M. Tracey

Does technology and stuff

  1. 08 December 2017
    Image Mitosis image

    Image Mitosis

    I created a serverless function that would divide images in half again, and again, and again, and...

    look at the code

  2. 15 November 2017
    Extract Keyframes image

    Extract Keyframes

    A Node.js module to extract only the keyframes from a video file

    look at the code

  3. 06 November 2017
    Web Summit 2017 image

    Web Summit 2017

    I went to Lisbon, Portugal to man the IBM booth at Web Summit 2017. I got to talk about all the IoT goodies IBM has for developers to play with

  4. 04 November 2017
    Wired NextGen image

    Wired NextGen

    I was invited to demonstrate some of the instruments I had invented for BuzzJam

  5. 24 October 2017
    Joined IBM image

    Joined IBM

    I became a Developer Advocate on IBMs London City Team.

  6. 02 October 2017
    FT TTS Articles image

    FT TTS Articles

    Digiday published a piece on some of the work I did converting FT articles into audio versions

    Read about this

  7. 18 September 2017
    Let's Make Connections! image

    Let's Make Connections!

    I helped make the FT Labs voice-driven Google Home game 'Make Connections'

    Read about this or look at the code or watch the video

  8. 04 August 2017
    Super Skills Book image

    Super Skills Book

    I was a Technical Editor for Elizabeth Tweedale's book teaching children how to make things with Python

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  9. 19 July 2017
    Text AV Event NYC image

    Text AV Event NYC

    I was invited to NYC to talk about creating the FT Labs Transcription Service. I couldn't make it in person, so I sent a video instead

    Watch the talk

  10. 03 July 2017
    Connected FT image

    Connected FT

    For my 20% time, I wrote an app that would let users share FT content across their devices with the Web Push API

    Read about this or look at the code