BuzzJam Short Film

I did another BuzzJam, but this time the whole thing was filmed!

01 June 2017

I went to another BuzzJam

Back in 2015, I took part in the first BuzzJam event (which you can read about here). This year I was invited back to see if I could do it again.

BuzzJam is a three day event where up-and-coming musicians are paired with coders to try and invent a brand new instrument to perform a musical piece on. This time there was one slight detail that had been changed for the event - the whole thing was going to be recorded and turned into a short film.

Who was I teamed up with

I was teamed up Tiggs Da Author who wanted to create something that he could use to perform his latest track "Swear Down"


What did you come up with?

At the last BuzzJam, we had good results trying to invent an instrument that solved a problem the band had. With Chasing Cadence, we tried to solve the problem of not being able to have a drum set on stage (the stage was too small) by creating a wearable drum kit. Tiggs had a similar problem. His DJ couldn't make the performance on the last day, so we decided to try and replace him with a wearable sample trigger. We called it the Wris-Key (because it was worn on the wrist, and had keys)

So... how did that go?

I mentioned the whole thing was being filmed, right? Well, you can see how things went for yourself in the 3 part documentary that was released.