A list of things what I wrote, or helped write


  1. Author

    Make Games With Python

    Raspberry Pi

    Make Games with Python is a book made up of all of the chapters from my 'Making Games with Pygame' series first published in the MagPi

  2. Co-Author

    Code the Classics: Volume 1

    Raspberry Pi

    Working alongside Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton, I contributed to the game code for Code The Classics Vol. 1

  3. Consultant

    How to Code 2.0

    Walter Foster Jr

    I was a technical consultant on Elizabeth Tweedale's book "How To Code 2.0"

  4. Consultant

    Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bytes

    Turner Publishing

    I was a technical consultant on Sophie Deen's book "Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bytes"

  5. The MagPi

  6. The MagPi

    Issue 40

    Raspberry Pi

    The final part of my Pygame series

    Picking up from part 9, we finish the space shoot 'em up.

  7. The MagPi

    Issue 39

    Raspberry Pi

    Part nine of my Pygame series

    Using the things we've learned in the previous 8 parts of the series, we build the first half of a space shoot 'em up game

  8. The MagPi

    Issue 38

    Raspberry Pi

    In the eighth part of my Pygame series, we build a brand new game to learn about Python classes and reusable objects

  9. The MagPi

    Issue 37

    Raspberry Pi

    The seventh part of my Pygame series

    Building on part 6, we enhance our solar system simulator by adding collisions between objects

  10. The MagPi

    Issue 36

    Raspberry Pi

    The sixth part of my Pygame series

    In this part, we learn about vectors. With this information, we simulate gravitational attraction and code a solar system simulator

  11. The MagPi

    Issue 35

    Raspberry Pi

    In the fifth part of the Pygame series, we learn how to create about Pygame's sound mixer and create a farmyard sound board

  12. The MagPi

    Issue 34

    Raspberry Pi

    The fourth part of my Pygame series

    In this part, we use everything we've learned so far, and pixel data, to create our first basic platformer

  13. The MagPi

    Issue 33

    Raspberry Pi

    The third part of my Pygame series

    This one taught developers how to handle and utilise keyboard + mouse events in Pygame

  14. The MagPi

    Issue 32

    Raspberry Pi

    The second part of my Pygame series

    This edition covered how to move shapes around the screen in different directions, speeds, and patterns

  15. The MagPi

    Issue 31

    Raspberry Pi

    The first part of my 10-part series teaching developers how to makes games with Pygame

    This edition focussed on creating basic shapes with Pygame.

  16. Web Designer Magazine

  17. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 252

    Imagine Publishing
  18. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 251

    Imagine Publishing
  19. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 250

    Imagine Publishing
  20. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 249

    Imagine Publishing
  21. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 247

    Imagine Publishing
  22. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 246

    Imagine Publishing
  23. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 245

    Imagine Publishing
  24. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 244

    Imagine Publishing
  25. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 242

    Imagine Publishing
  26. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 241

    Imagine Publishing
  27. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 240

    Imagine Publishing
  28. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 239

    Imagine Publishing
  29. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 237

    Imagine Publishing
  30. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 236

    Imagine Publishing
  31. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 235

    Imagine Publishing
  32. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 234

    Imagine Publishing
  33. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 233

    Imagine Publishing
  34. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 232

    Imagine Publishing
  35. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 231

    Imagine Publishing
  36. Web Designer Magazine

    Issue 229

    Imagine Publishing
  37. Linux User & Developer

  38. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 157

    Imagine Publishing
  39. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 147

    Imagine Publishing
  40. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 143

    Imagine Publishing
  41. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 142

    Imagine Publishing
  42. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 141

    Imagine Publishing
  43. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 140

    Imagine Publishing
  44. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 139

    Imagine Publishing
  45. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 138

    Imagine Publishing
  46. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 137

    Imagine Publishing
  47. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 136

    Imagine Publishing
  48. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 133

    Imagine Publishing
  49. Linux User & Developer

    Issue 132

    Imagine Publishing