CapCam is a hat we hacked together to automatically take photos at our Christmas Party

12 December 2013

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Cap Cam is a hat we hacked together to automatically take photos. Using a hard hat, plenty of duct tape, and a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, we constructed this fashionable new item of head wear.

Using Android’s Firefox browser and GetUserMedia, the phone’s camera takes photos at random time intervals and uploads them to our Flickr stream with an accompanying tweet.

We designed the hat for use at our end of year party, the Redweb Stars Awards. Not only might a protective hard hat come in handy if previous years are anything to go by, but we can now take photos long into the night, once the champagne is flying and our photographers have packed away their expensive kit.

The hat also vibrates at intervals to encourage our party goers to take the hat off and pass it along to the next willing snapper.

Links & resources

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