Collective Vision

A quick web app that combines images from Flickr to make something entirely new

08 March 2014

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Almost everyone I know carries a camera of some description around with them everyday. But not everyone sees things the same way.

For me the ability to take a snap when the creative urge grabs me, is the best feature of my smartphone. To then save it or share it online is usually an added bonus.

The amount of imagery uploaded to the internet every second is staggering

So there’s perhaps a good chance that people are uploading images with similar subject matter from time to time

We wanted to see what would happen if we combined these similar images, moving from photos from a personal viewpoint, to an image of a collective vision.

Our web app removes the individual, subjective, framing of a moment in time, and creates a more democratic vision by overlaying many images of the same subject, highlighting their commonalities and differences.

The result is a crowd sourced view of the subject. Modernists may argue this is then a more truthful and honest view of the subject, but it certainly gives some beautiful results. Have a play

Links & resources

Project page: Collective Vision
Project code: GitHub