B & W Meet Postcards

Each year we send out postcards for B & W Meet. This year, I had a crack at designing them myself

19 June 2013

The B & W Meet postcard.

Every now and then we send out postcards for B & W Meet events, Just to remind people that it's still a thing. Last year, we were in the middle of a degree, so we didn't have much time to design them. This year we were employed so same problem but better time delegation this time.

The design is pretty simple, Because B & W Meet is all about Bournemouth creatives I wanted to try and fit a representation of beloved (and perhaps not so beloved) parts the town.

We have cycle lanes and doule yellow lines everywhere, so that was the first feature. We have fantastic parks and so that was the second feature. And, of course, our beautiful beach.

God, I love this town.