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  1. 25 February 2019
    Instaframe image


    For Christmas 2018, I made my mum an AI-powered photo frame that would filter my Instagram feed to show her only photos of her Grandkids.

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  2. 24 January 2019
    Bottomless Hard Drive image

    Bottomless Hard Drive

    Is it possible to create an infinite capacity hard drive with object storage? Let's find out!

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  3. 17 January 2019
    AI-powered Word Counter image

    AI-powered Word Counter

    I speak a little fast, so I made something to help me slow down - an AI-driven word counter that changes color when I speak too quickly.

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  4. 13 June 2018
    W3ID SSO Middleware image

    W3ID SSO Middleware

    It bothered me that it could take days to secure an application with IBM's SSO systems. So I made some middleware to shorten it to minutes.

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  5. 10 April 2018
    Node-RED Web Components image

    Node-RED Web Components

    I made some web components to make integrating web APIs with Node-RED even easier!

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  6. 19 January 2018
    Node-RED Bitio Wrapper image

    Node-RED Bitio Wrapper

    I needed to use a Micro:bit with Node-red, so I wrote a node-red wrapper for David Whale's Bitio library

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  7. 08 December 2017
    Image Mitosis image

    Image Mitosis

    I created a serverless function that would divide images in half again, and again, and again, and...

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  8. 15 November 2017
    Extract Keyframes image

    Extract Keyframes

    A Node.js module to extract only the keyframes from a video file

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  9. 06 November 2017
    Web Summit 2017 image

    Web Summit 2017

    I went to Lisbon, Portugal to man the IBM booth at Web Summit 2017. I got to talk about all the IoT goodies IBM has for developers to play with

  10. 04 November 2017
    Wired NextGen image

    Wired NextGen

    I was invited to demonstrate some of the instruments I had invented for BuzzJam

  11. 24 October 2017
    Joined IBM image

    Joined IBM

    I became a Developer Advocate on IBMs London City Team.

  12. 02 October 2017
    FT TTS Articles image

    FT TTS Articles

    Digiday published a piece on some of the work I did converting FT articles into audio versions

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  13. 18 September 2017
    Let's Make Connections! image

    Let's Make Connections!

    I helped make the FT Labs voice-driven Google Home game 'Make Connections'

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  14. 04 August 2017
    Super Skills Book image

    Super Skills Book

    I was a Technical Editor for Elizabeth Tweedale's book teaching children how to make things with Python

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  15. 19 July 2017
    Text AV Event NYC image

    Text AV Event NYC

    I was invited to NYC to talk about creating the FT Labs Transcription Service. I couldn't make it in person, so I sent a video instead

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  16. 03 July 2017
    Connected FT image

    Connected FT

    For my 20% time, I wrote an app that would let users share FT content across their devices with the Web Push API

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  17. 01 June 2017
    BuzzJam Short Film image

    BuzzJam Short Film

    I did another BuzzJam, but this time the whole thing was filmed!

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  18. 21 May 2017
    Automatically Generated Audio Articles image

    Automatically Generated Audio Articles

    I built the systems to generate audio versions of FT articles, and one of the journalists noticed...

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  19. 18 May 2017
    Google I/O 2017 image

    Google I/O 2017

    The progressive web app I made (Listen to the FT) got a small shout-out from Google at Google I/O 2017!

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  20. 01 April 2017
    Dinosaur Vision Simulator image

    Dinosaur Vision Simulator

    Dinosaur vision is based on movement, right? So, what does that look like? I built an AR simulator (with a dinosaur onesie) to try and find out

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  21. 23 February 2017
    Ad-Blocking Experiments image

    Ad-Blocking Experiments

    We tried some creative solutions to encourage users to let the FT deliver ads

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  22. 02 February 2017
    Listen to the FT image

    Listen to the FT

    A progressive web app I helped design and build for listening to FT articles offline.

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  23. 17 January 2017
    FT Labs Transcription Service image

    FT Labs Transcription Service

    I built the first automated transcription service for the FT.

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  24. 05 October 2016
    A Big Red Button image

    A Big Red Button

    "Hey Sean, we're launching the new tomorrow, and we'd like a button for the occassion. Could you make one?"

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  25. 22 September 2016
    FT Labs Morar image

    FT Labs Morar

    We noticed that lots of little bits of useful (but not needed right now) pieces of data were being discarded. We built a place for the data to live until it's been found a new home.

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  26. 30 May 2016
    FT Archives image

    FT Archives

    I spent some time teaching Tesseract's OCR to better scan the FT archives

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  27. 11 December 2015
    Making Games with Pygame Book image

    Making Games with Pygame Book

    I wrote a book about making games with Python as a part of Raspberry Pi's MagPi Essentials Series

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  28. 30 November 2015
    URL Sharing image

    URL Sharing

    As part of the Labs team, I helped write some software that made sharing FT content super easy.

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  29. 01 November 2015
    Big FT image

    Big FT

    I helped build a web app for making the latest FT headlines visible on big screens

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  30. 20 September 2015
    The Alfabeat image

    The Alfabeat

    A wearable drum kit I made with Chasing Cadence for Red Bull's Buzz Jam 2015

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  31. 02 September 2015
    FT Labs Screens image

    FT Labs Screens

    I helped put together 'Screens'. A modern, web-powered digital signage system for use around the FT.

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  32. 11 August 2015
    Joined FT Labs image

    Joined FT Labs

    I became the newest developer on the FT Labs team in London

  33. 09 April 2015
    Cayla, The Redweb Labs PA image

    Cayla, The Redweb Labs PA

    I hacked a Cayla doll with a Raspberry Pi and had her read out Google Calendar events.

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  34. 30 March 2015 image

    UK Cinema websites suck for finding showtimes, so I made CineList to try and fix that.

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  35. 03 January 2015
    Pickr image


    A simple web-based color picking game that I made on the train.

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  36. 15 December 2014
    Snowsplode image


    A high-performance <canvas> animation of EXPLODING SNOW for our window projections

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  37. 14 December 2014
    Interactive Cycle Hoodie image

    Interactive Cycle Hoodie

    I made an Arduino-powered hoodie that lights up when you gesture to indicate.

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  38. 24 November 2014
    LightPaint image


    LightPaint let's you paint in your browser with a phone flashlight with getUserMedia.

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  39. 11 November 2014
    Slow Elvis image

    Slow Elvis

    A lifesized Elvis Presley robot that follows people. I wrote the code and designed the circuits.

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  40. 23 October 2014
    Window of Weather image

    Window of Weather

    A canvas animation projected onto a window which reflected the current local weather conditions.

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  41. 01 October 2014
    Photwos image


    A collaborative photo sharing app. I made the back-end, front-end and iOS app.

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  42. 12 September 2014
    WebGL Hologram Chamber image

    WebGL Hologram Chamber

    A 3D printed mashup of one of the latest web tech and an old Victorian trick.

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  43. 28 August 2014
    Bluetooth Beacons image

    Bluetooth Beacons

    We tracked ourselves with Bluetooth beacons so our computers could welcome us to the office

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  44. 14 July 2014
    Talking to Computers with Sound image

    Talking to Computers with Sound

    I worked on creating a circuit that could transmit data to phones through the audio jack

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  45. 04 July 2014
    Blaze UV Key image

    Blaze UV Key

    I put together the electronics and software for a mobile FSK UV Sensor.

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  46. 07 April 2014
    Uncovered image


    Uncovered is a quick prototype application we put together for the Redweb staff to play with.

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  47. 08 March 2014
    Collective Vision image

    Collective Vision

    A quick web app that combines images from Flickr to make something entirely new

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  48. 26 February 2014
    HackSoton 3 image

    HackSoton 3

    They had Bacon, It was awesome.

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  49. 01 January 2014
    New Year + Payphones  + Twilio image

    New Year + Payphones + Twilio

    Sometimes I get bored, So I called all of the payphones in Luton simultaneously...

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  50. 12 December 2013
    CapCam image


    CapCam is a hat we hacked together to automatically take photos at our Christmas Party

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  51. 11 December 2013
    FlickerSigner image


    A Node.js module for building and signing Flickr OAuth requests.

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  52. 01 December 2013
    HackBMTH image


    Because why spend your Saturday sleeping?

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  53. 30 November 2013
    Faces of Shame image

    Faces of Shame

    Sometimes, we swear a bit too much. We thought we'd try and put an end to that with Flickr.

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  54. 07 November 2013
    Ambient Lionel image

    Ambient Lionel

    I made the Raspberry Pi innards for Ambient Lionel, Our first quick look at ambient computing.

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  55. 22 September 2013
    Airplane.js image


    Airplane.js can turn any display or surface into a touch screen with a Leap Motion

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  56. 30 July 2013
    B & W Meet 11 Site image

    B & W Meet 11 Site

    Tim and I are taking turns to Jazz up the B & W Meet website. Number 11 was my turn.

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  57. 19 July 2013
    Hello image


    A technical overview of a WebGL and Leap Motion app I made at work

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  58. 08 July 2013
    Engelbart's Chorded Keyboard image

    Engelbart's Chorded Keyboard

    In a little tribute to Douglas Engelbart, I made one of his chorded keyboards with Node.js and Arduino.

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  59. 19 June 2013
    Man Feelings Poster image

    Man Feelings Poster

    I put together the poster for the Ediburgh Free Fringe show "Man Feelings" Photo by Joe Tattersall.

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  60. 19 June 2013
    B & W Meet Postcards image

    B & W Meet Postcards

    Each year we send out postcards for B & W Meet. This year, I had a crack at designing them myself

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  61. 06 June 2013
    Big Steps, Tiny Leap (Motion) image

    Big Steps, Tiny Leap (Motion)

    I made a quick Leap Motion app for my first day at Redweb.

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  62. 31 May 2013
    Space Toilet image

    Space Toilet

    Suck it, Lower mammals...

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  63. 19 May 2013
    Chutney.js image


    A simple little jQuery library for accessing Rotten Tomatos' API with JSONP.

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  64. 09 May 2013
    Stress Ball image

    Stress Ball

    The price of Milk is rising...

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  65. 03 May 2013
    Damn it ScottIE image

    Damn it ScottIE


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  66. 01 May 2013
    OS X Mountain Lion image

    OS X Mountain Lion

    Rawr Power

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  67. 30 April 2013
    Public Enemy No. 1 image

    Public Enemy No. 1

    Wanted dead. Just dead.

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  68. 29 April 2013
    Feles Lunae image

    Feles Lunae

    He came in peace for all Catkind

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  69. 24 April 2013
    Revenge image



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  70. 24 April 2013
    FALSE image
  71. 20 April 2013
    Time Hat image

    Time Hat

    A wibbly-wobbly time telling accessory for the fashion concious Nerd.

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  72. 17 April 2013
    WEEEEE!!!! image


    Illness sucks

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  73. 17 April 2013
    IT BURNS image


    If my Lungs had a voice… Oh wait! They do… OWWWW!!!

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  74. 27 March 2013
    Ready or not... image

    Ready or not...

    Here comes science!!!

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  75. 20 March 2013
    A Little Bit Racey image

    A Little Bit Racey

    I was asked by an old friend to design a poster/logo for Hope FM's new show "A Little Bit Racey". Had a lot of fun with this one.

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  76. 24 February 2013
    Grabbr image


    A simple Node.js app for emailing me my Twitter favourites from the day.

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  77. 17 February 2013
    Tonlist image


    (It's Icelandic for music).

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  78. 26 January 2013
    Firefox OS Hack Day @ Mozilla image

    Firefox OS Hack Day @ Mozilla

    Myself, Tim and Aidan visited Mozilla London for their Firefox OS Hackday. Tons of fun!

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  79. 22 October 2012
    SNESSockets image


    Let's post to Facebook with a SNES Controller. Because, why not?

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  80. 28 September 2012
    IIB Awards 2012 image

    IIB Awards 2012

    My graduate project made the shortlist for the IIB Awards 2012 in the Interactive Visualisation section.

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  81. 21 September 2012
    Facebook London Hack Day image

    Facebook London Hack Day

    Myself, Tim an Aidan popped up to Facebook London for their Europe office launch hack day. They have amazing burgers!

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  82. 27 August 2012
    Skrynd image


    A pet (read "unfinished") project that let's scriptwriters view their .FDX files in a browser with the File API.

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